Some of my 'other' pages

These pages are from my "archive" and are a mix of personal pages and commissions.

(some personal pix have been brutally edited. Its easier than re-working the page)

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Bike  A 'biker' event I was invited to take pictures at... different!
AMOC 2012 AMOC 2012 Custom Bike Show
Bulldog Bash  2011 Bulldog Bash - Well good!
Butlitz  A folk festival weekend at Skegness Butlins December 2010
Doz  Friends from Lincolnshire come to the ACE Cafe for Doz's birthday
Lakes  Visiting friends in the Lake District
LiveWire  An AC/DC tribute band at Bourne, Lincs
LSO  A commission shoot for the London Studio Orchestra - for a Hard Fi album
MAG  Chinnor Bike Days 2011 - Brilliant weekend, I won a new motorbike in the raffle!!!
MAG2  Chinnor Bike Dayz 2012 - Brilliant event!
MAG3  Chinnor Bike Dyaz 2013 - Brilliant event, with real sunshine!
Millar  Tough assignment - tastefully photograph a funeral so distant relatives can see the service.
MIW  A channel 4 programme I worked on - I was the Lighting 'Gaffer'
Mixedcompany  A friends band - "The Soul band that Rocks"
NW2  A 'sprint' event for classic vehicles
SPCC  A commission shoot for the St Pancras Cruising Club visiting the Excel Centre

All pictures (c)1999-2013, Gary Smith